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On 07/16/2014, an unfortunate incident occurred. There a forced entry to my backyard, someone broke off part of the gate and took my dog near 15th Avenue & Campbell My dog is a all white, blue nose, female American Pitbull that goes by "Guerra" or "Blanca" and weighs about 90 pounds. Lately her hips had been hurting and she avoided walking.

We were informed by the police that a call came in to report that a white dog that been hit by a car near 19th Avenue & Camelback and the dog had ran away. My dog is unable to walk let alone that far distance by herself, we suspect she was taken and dropped off because she does not do well with strangers. When we arrived at the scene a witness stated that she was hit by a car and managed to get out of the way of more oncoming traffic. A man in a truck picked her up and stated that he was going to take her a an emergency vet hospital. We are sure that she was the dog that was hit.

We have been calling and dropping by veterinaries in search of her but she has not been found. We have been looking around the neighborhood without any luck either.

She has a flower pattern pink collar and a pink and green rosary around her neck. She is all white with small gray spots, her nose is spotted too. She is also spayed and up to date on her shots. She is 7 years old (human years)

I would like to ask the community to PLEASE HELP us find her. If you are the man OR woman that picked her up or found her somewhere else, or know where I might be able to find her please let me know. We need her back home to care for her!
My phone number is (602) 380-1943 my name is Nancy.
Location: Phoenix
: Phoenix, AZ (View map)
Posted: Aug-19-14

Phone: (602) 380-1943